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Our CEO grew up with a rough background. A drug addicted mother, and no father. Thrown into foster care with her younger brother she experienced several traumas, trials, and tribulations. As a result of this lifestyle she naturally took on a masucline, hardcore, dominate era. Although she had a soft and classy side, she was never able to express or dabble in that version of herself. She later decided that she wasn't going to allow the rough seasons of her life to define her and allowed the soft girl season to creep up on her and rest. Not just physically with her appearance, but also emotionally. As a result Deluxe Galore Co. was born. She created a luxury and unique brand that teaches other women how to step into their soft and classy girl season. It's not just hair, it's a way of life.
- Porshay ♥
- Porshay ♥

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