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Self Care Tips For Boss Moms Embracing the Soft & Classy Life

by Porche Renee on
As if motherhood wasn’t hard enough, women decided to conquer the world. At least 20% of entrepreneurial pursuits fail within the first year. Coupled with other mitigating factors like race and gender, and a woman starting a business is no small feat. What is an even more significant accomplishment is a mother starting a business. Hence the most potent portmanteau was coined, “Mompreneur.” Women have perfected the art of doing away with the status quo and completely shattering glass ceilings. Consider these facts: The 2019 State of Women-Owned Business Report commissioned by American Express reports that women own about 42 percent of small businesses in the United States, which translates to almost 13 million businesses. Of the women-owned companies out there, it’s approximated that 1 in 3 is owned by, you guessed it, a mom. That works out to 4 million mom-owned businesses. If that isn’t worth kicking up your feet and celebrating, I don’t know what is. Mompreneurs do more than a lot, they get up and conquer the impossible every day, but even superheroes need a break. And as we all try to traverse this new pandemic-focused normal, it’s pertinent more than ever that Mompreneurs develop consistent self-care habits. Let’s be honest; you can’t pour from an empty cup. In salute to all the Mompreneurs, we compiled a list of the best self-care tips to help you take the edge off. Schedule Me Time And Be Selfish About It I can hear the audible gasps at the sight of me, time and selfishness appearing in one sentence. However, it is needed. Between running a business and caring for a family, your life already revolves around schedules, so why not schedule some time for yourself. Taking a break seems so simple, yet it is often unattainable. Whether you just want to have a drink, throw your feet up, or catch up on the news, do something that is just for you. If you don’t schedule it, you won’t do it. Scheduling it also forces those around you to take that time seriously. It won’t ever be the perfect time; there will always be something happening. Push that guilt away and for even one hour, be selfish with you. Treat Yourself You work hard, and you deserve nice things. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. It could be buying an ice cream flavor that is more complex than chocolate for once. It does not matter what it is but never be afraid to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Think of even the most minor thing you want and shamelessly purchase it, especially if it is a luxurious wig. These postiches are made to grace the heads of diligent, soft and classy women who can take that getting ready time to make power moves instead. Don’t Be so Hard On Yourself Life happens, and even the best-laid plans can crumble and fail. There are days when despite your most arduous efforts, things just won’t go the way you planned. And that is just life. Allow yourself the space to bask in the good days and acknowledge that not-so-good days will happen, but they don’t define. It is mentally freeing to accept that you won’t be able to control everything. Most importantly, forgive yourself for your mistakes. You’re doing a lot, and to err is human. There is only one of you, so take care of her. Embrace your soft girl era. Yours softly, Deluxe Galore CEO
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